The Law Office of Chun T. Wright (LOCTW) is a boutique law firm that focuses on global intellectual property enforcement (anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting), copyright and trademark law, Internet and technology issues, adventure travel and outdoor industry law, and litigation. The firm represents individuals and companies of all sizes, both domestic and international. To service clients’ global needs, the firm maintains an international network of leading and results-driven attorneys, investigators and other professionals.

LOCTW is committed to providing its clients with high-quality and effective legal services. The firm’s core values include personal attention, close communication and responsiveness, as well as direct accessibility. The firm also appreciates the pressure that all companies face today to do more with fewer resources while maintaining high standards. As such, the firm strives to save clients time and money by offering alternative fee arrangements in appropriate cases. Further, the firm works closely with each client to design tailor-made and proactive legal solutions that fit the client’s unique goals, business considerations, and resources.

LOCTW was founded by Chun T. Wright, a former in-house attorney with the U.S. trade association for video and computer game publishers and litigator at major law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area. Chun is also a former federal prosecutor with extensive trial experience. Chun founded the firm out of a desire to provide new, high quality and creative legal solutions to businesses in a flexible and efficient setting.

Based in Washington, DC, LOCTW uses technology to seamlessly serve clients located throughout and outside the United States.


To contact the firm about your legal needs, please call 202-559-4300 or click here to go to LOCTW’s contact page.