Intellectual Property Enforcement: Anti-Piracy and Anti-Counterfeiting

Fighting piracy and counterfeiting is one of the firm’s greatest strengths. The Law Office of Chun T. Wright strives to protect clients’ trademarks and copyrights through creative and practical strategies in the United States and abroad. The firm provides clients with a broad range of enforcement experience, practical know-how, and access to an international network of enforcement professionals at competitive rates. The firm represents leading companies and organizations in various industries, including entertainment software and book publishing.

In attacking piracy abroad, the firm works with clients to customize enforcement strategies to take into account different laws, enforcement mechanisms, governmental resources, and political considerations.

LOCTW provides businesses – whether small or large, emerging or established – with these and other services:

  • design and implement comprehensive anti-piracy strategies and programs to address digital and hard goods piracy in online and physical environments;
  • investigate targets and respond to specific threats through various means such as cease-and-desist letters and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices;
  • develop criminal referrals and support criminal cases;
  • secure and support border enforcement actions;
  • provide international enforcement advice;
  • craft public education campaigns;
  • devise law enforcement training programs;
  • provide access to global network of leading anti-piracy attorneys, investigators, and other professionals;
  • serve as “outside” anti-piracy counsel to handle ongoing enforcement needs for companies that do not have an in-house anti-piracy attorney; and
  • monitor domestic and international legal developments and enforcement initiatives

The following are just a few of the many counterfeiting and piracy issues that LOCTW can help you address:

  • A container filled with cheap knock-offs of your company’s products is destined for a U.S. port. You want the shipment detained and the importer and exporter investigated.
  • Someone is advertising pirate versions of your products for sale on the Internet. You want the listings taken down. In addition, you want to investigate the pirate and either serve a cease-and-desist notice or refer the case to criminal authorities.
  • A sophisticated criminal operation is making counterfeit versions of your company’s products and distributing them worldwide. You suspect the operation obtains its funding from an underground network of financiers and has substantial assets. You need a firm that can investigate the operation, “follow the money,” and have its assets seized.
  • Your company has ongoing piracy and/or counterfeiting problems but your in-house legal department does not have the time to address them. You lack the budget to hire a full-time anti-piracy attorney. You want to hire outside anti-piracy counsel to serve as your regular go-to person for enforcement matters at reasonable and predictable rates.
  • A company is making fakes of your product and shipping them through Hong Kong to other parts of the world. The product is appearing in Mexican markets and retail shops in Canada and the United States. You need to develop an enforcement strategy to address the problem in all four countries.
  • Your digital content is being shared online through cyber lockers and other services in the United States and abroad. You want to send takedown notices to Internet service providers to have the material removed.